Oliver Queen

Oliver “Ollie” Queen (born May 16, 1985) is the main hero of the series. After being stranded on an isolated island for five years, he recently returned to Starling City to the surprise of everyone since he was allegedly dead. On the island, Oliver learned to fend for himself, then with assistance, and on his return, he became the vigilante known as the “Hood”; Which will later be officially named as Green Arrow.


Laurel Lance

Dinah “Laurel ” Lance (born in 1984) is the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, the daughter of Detective Quentin Lance, and the sister of Sara Lance. She works as a lawyer in a group called C.N.R.I. who helps people in season 1, until places are demolished during the earthquake. In the second season, she works in the office of the prosecutor to catch the Hood.


Thea Queen

Thea Queen (born on January 21st, 1995) is the sister of Oliver Queen and daughter of Moira and Robert Queen


Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak is an employee of Queen Consolidated. She then joins Team Arrow.


Roy Harper

Roy Harper is an inhabitant of Starling City, and especially of the poor district The Glades. He becomes the boyfriend of Thea Queen and has a fixed obsession with the one who saved his life: The Hood. He will later become a teammate of Oliver in his search for justice.