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Arrow | New Video « Black Siren’s Back » (Behind The Scenes)

In the video released by The CW, it features Katie Cassidy talking quite a bit about her character.

Things We Know From The Video:

  • Black Siren’s backstory will be revealed in future episodes.
  • Black Siren’s storyline could go in a few different directions and provide fans with an entertaining villain.
  • Black Siren could have a redemption arc and be in a more heroic role.

Katie Cassidy’s Quotes From The Video:

“She’s damaged goods, I think, deep down.” Cassidy said. “I think she’s gone through a lot, and has a really dark past.”

“It’s interesting now, having her on Earth One, and playing that out and seeing where she’s gonna go.” Cassidy added. “But she’s certainly fun. It’s really fun to play a villain, I have to say that.”


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Stephen Amell | August 1st – Teases an “Arrow” Season 6 Fight Scene

Hello, everyone!

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on “Arrow“, teased us a few days ago (August 1st), posting a 12-second video to his Facebook account of him in a fight scene for the upcoming sixth season. The scene is short, but it shows the Green Arrow in action taking out a couple of thugs.

The things we know of Season 6:

  1. Rene Ramirez and Dinah Drake are now series regulars and the Earth-2 Laurel Lance is as well.
  2. Slade Wilson / Deathstroke survives and will be part of a two-part episode later in the season.
  3. The fate of Helix and Cayden James remains unknown
  4. We have new characters to look forward to, like Richard Dragon,
  5. We’re going to find out who the heck Vigilante is!